A Green Line Odyssey

Long Shadows in Cyprus

In the summer of 2018, the author returned to the island of Cyprus to walk The Green Line, crossing into Northern and Southern Cyprus several times and taking the reader far from the tourist hordes. A journey back through time, and a discovery of how place and time affect who we will become.

About the Author

Martin John William Clark was born in Yorkshire in 1961. His father was an RAF officer and his mother was very much a ‘Tenko’ woman — though never actually a POW, if she had been, she would have escaped in seconds using a bent spoon, spatula and length of wool.

Martin was educated at Cordeaux High school, Louth, City School, Lincoln, and mostly, via BBC Radio 4. During his time in Louth he was lightly tortured at boarding school — life there was like Colditz but with Ribena and compulsory cricket.

He has worked in many thousands of homes as an Engineer and has toured the world as a journeyman guitarist for various luminaries. He partnered with Canadian guitarist Johnny Markin to produce the popular ‘Acoustic Carols’ album, and was a veteran member of the Grapevine Worship Team for many years.

He is also the Writer and Director of the much-loved mini movie, ‘Scars and Straw’, a series of narrations explaining the nativity through the writings of Isaiah. The film is published in the USA and was shot in London and New York.

He lives in a quiet Lincolnshire village with his wife, Gill, and has three reasonably responsible adult children.